#7/8 Mini Five™ Gracey Curette, EE2, Harmony™ Ergonomic Handle Hu-Friedy SAS7/8XE2

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Features & Benefits:

  • #7/8 Mini Five™ Gracey Curette are your truly ergonomic hand scaling solution scientifically proven to reduce pinch force up to 65% and the amount of pressure applied to the tooth up to 37%.
  • The handle of the 7/8 Mini Five™ Gracey Curette is designed with TrueFit™ Technology, an advanced sensor-based technology system capable of measuring touch sensitivity and pressure at 40 readings per second, collected more than 2.8 million data points to develop this truly ergonomic hand scaling solution.


  • Good for scaling in deep, narrow pockets.


  • What is TrueFit™ Technology?
  • TrueFit™ Technology is an advanced sensor-based technology system, which has measured over 2.8 million data points for pinch force in the finger and pressure applied to the tooth when scaling . HuFriedyGroup pioneered TrueFit™ Technology to address the need for scientific evidence in ergonomics. TrueFit™ Technology was utilized to develop the Harmony™ Ergonomic Scaler and Curette handle, which has optimal proportions and an ideal width that provides a secure and nimble grasp.

  • Who designed and developed the TrueFit™ Technology System?
  • In building the TrueFit™ Technology system, Hu-friedy has sought out leaders in technology and development to design an advanced platform that could adapt to practitioners and allow engineers to create an iterative development process. In addition, to help us grow and build a database for ergonomic application, HLB, an award-winning design firm, became partner in this process. They partnered with global leading sensor technology firms to custom develop a system capable of touch sensitivity that is adaptable to all users and designs, without interfering with the practitioners or instruments being tested.

  • Why is science so important to verifying ergonomics?
  • Years have been spent previously gathering feedback and qualitative data on what an “ergonomic” design should be. While this helped HuFriedyGroup in the initial development process, it also brought a lot of opinion-based input. The plethora of subjective feedback needed a solution to help sift out factual benefits. HuFriedyGroup sought to distinguish factual parameters, such as pinch force and pressure on the tooth, which could be used to develop the ideal handle design for an instrument.

  • What went into the development of the Harmony™ Ergonomic Scalers and Curettes?
  • A development process similar to software engineering was adopted for this project. A gamut of handles—currently available in the market globally—were used as the starting point for research. Hu-friedy group have took the data gathered and applied it to a range of innovative new design concepts. These different handle designs helped establish comparison points for iterative development. The new design concepts were tested and features that showed the strongest influence were progressed on to future designs, whereas those elements that did not perform were removed from designs. This step by step approach of design, test, revise allowed us to make rapid progression on key factors like reduction of pinch force and reduced pressure on the tooth. Over 50 hygienists spanning continents and countries around the world participated in this testing. The collective data gathered amounted to almost 2.8 million data points.

  • What was HuFriedyGroup’s involvement in the analysis of the data collected and how was bias removed?
  • To keep a scientific perspective and accurate representation of the data, HuFriedyGroup worked with a 3rd party analytics firm, Hanover, a top 50 research firm, to review and analyze the data collection. Hanover is a leader in analytics and works with clients that span global organizations, to emerging companies, to educational institutions. Founded in 2003, Hanover has over 300 employees, including a high-caliber staff of researchers, survey experts, analysts, statisticians, and grant professionals. They applied a scientific level of analyses to the data gathered with TrueFit™ Technology and assessed it without bias to determine key findings and statistical relevance among the collected data samples.

  • If it is made of metal, it must be heavier right?
  • The current marketplace perception is that light weight handles are more ergonomic. But to achieve a light weight, these handles tend to be plastic resin or silicone, which may offer less tactile sensitivity and fall short of the durability of steel handles. The development team was hyper-sensitive to ensure new handle was not too heavy. Weight was really more of a Goldilocks complex; it couldn’t be too heavy, but it also couldn’t be too light. This subjective feedback was supported by key findings, which states that weight has a negligible relationship to total pinch force. Therefore, the Harmony™Ergonomic Scalers and Curettes are similar in weight to current #9 handled EverEdge™ 2.0 Instruments.

  • Will this handle be compatible with IMS™ Cassette System?
  • With HuFriedyGroup being the leader in infection prevention, it was imperative to ensure these handles were compatible with IMS™ Cassette System. These handles are the same length as a traditional #9 handle, and they fit in the rails the same way current scalers do today. Additionally, these handles do not touch each other which ensures proper cleaning, drying and sterilization. Hu-friedy conducted a variety of tests to ensure a safe and secure fit in the cassette.

  • With this new handle, are there any special considerations for cleaning, sterilization, and/or warranty?
  • There are no special reprocessing instructions which deviate from the standard recommendations for cleaning and sterilization. Please follow the instructions detailed in the Reprocessing of Hu-Friedy® Dental Hand Instruments and Accessories (HF-USA-17664) document. Additionally, the warranty on the Harmony™ Ergonomic Scalers and Curettes is the same as other EverEdge™ 2.0 Instruments and handles.

  • Why do the competitors’ scalers listed get sharper after several strokes before getting dull again?
  • Competitors’ scalers contain a large burr formation. What this means, is that the burr (thin flap of metal that forms during the finishing process) actually covers the blade out of the box. At a certain point, the burr comes off during clinical use which causes the temporary spike in sharpness. This is considered a manufacturing flaw. It is important to note that the EverEdge™ 2.0 Scalers and Curettes are materially sharper than all competitors’ scalers at every point on the graph.

  • How does EverEdge™ 2.0 instruments compare to coated scalers?
  • EverEdge™ 2.0 Scalers and Curettes, based on tip design, can be used for all types of calculus. However, competitive scalers with a coating cannot be used on heavy and/or tenacious calculus per the manufacturers’ IFU. Due to the coating, the manufacturers recommend a “shaving” technique that is not taught in schools as it may cause burnishing of calculus.

  • What is the best way to maintain my EverEdge™ 2.0 Scalers and Curettes?
  • All EverEdge™ 2.0 Scalers and Curettes? feature uncoated performance, which allows the clinician the ability to choose their sharpening journey. Whether the clinicians prefer to sharpen on their own, or utilize a sharpening service, HuFriedyGroup is the leading dental industry partner for all things sharpening.

  • Will these new scalers be available for the Environdent™ Redemption Program?
  • HuFriedyGroup value-add services play a huge role in customer conversion and retention. On average, customers who are enrolled in the Environdent™ Redemption Program spend about 41% more that than non-Environdent™ customers. It’s because customers utilize this program to try the latest and greatest that HuFriedyGroup has to offer without making a huge capital investment. 

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