5/6 Mini Five Gracey Curette, Standard Diameter, #8 ResinEight Colors Handle Hu-Friedy SAS5/6C8

Item Number: SAS5/6C8
Packaging: ea
Manufacturer: Hu-Friedy

Features & Benefits:

  • 5/6 Mini Five, Longer terminal shank, standard diameter #8 ResinEight Colors, Double-ended handle.
  • Terminal shank is 3 mm longer than Standard Gracey. Compared to the standard Gracey curette, blade is 50% shorter and 10% thinner.
  • Terminal shank elongated by 3 mm for access into deep periodontal pockets and root surfaces of 5 mm or more.
  • Reduced blade, half the length of the After Five® or standard Gracey, for better adaptation in narrow pockets and furcations.
  • Blade is 10% thinner than standard Gracey to ease gingival insertion and reduce tissue distention.
  • Area-specific design patterned after the standard Gracey's offers exact adaptation and control.
  • Available in Rigid designs for greater strength when needed.
  • Hu-Friedy, every instrument, from its proprietary metal and textured design, to the color for organization, is designed with one purpose-to help you perform at your best.
  • When created Resin 8 Colors scalers and curettes, combined resin handles in 8 eye-catching colors with features that maximize comfort and efficiency to achieve the best clinical outcomes- every patient, every day.
  • EverEdge® Technology Stays sharper longer, which means less time sharpening.
  • Steel Inner Core Design For added strength and tactile sensitivity.
  • Large Diameter Resin Handle Optimum weight for a more comfortable grip and reduced pinch force.
  • Unique Textured Handle Design Wave grooves and unique knurling texture increase rotational control and provide a light secure grasp.
  • Signature Series® Grips Silicone grip provides more comfort and color identification
  • Perfect Angles Consistently hand crafted blades for the most efficient calculus removal
  • Color Coded System To easily identify scalers and curettes that correspond to anatomical areas of the mouth.
  • Cleaning and Care of Your Resin Instruments:
    • In order to maintain the integrity of the resin instruments, detergents or disinfectants containing phenols or iodophors cannot be used. In addition, dry heat is not compatible with instruments with resin handles (Hu-Friedy handle #8), with resin or silicone components, inserts on any instruments, or with resin cassettes. The sterilizer equipment manufacturer's compatibility with specific materials must be observed.
  • Maintaining The Sharp Edge:
    • Although Hu-Friedy's Resin Color Instruments are made with EverEdge® technology which keeps the working ends sharper longer, at some point every scaler needs sharpening.
    • Hu-Friedy offers over thirty years experience in instrument finishing and sharpening to the clinician who prefers a "hands-off" style of sharpening.
    • Through this service, instrument artisans recreate factory cutting blades on a daily basis, sharpening your instrument to the performance level of a brand new scaler, With Hu-Friedy's Professional Sharpening Service, save valuable time and effort sharpening and have more time to provide better patient care.
  • Replacing Resin Instrument:
    • The longest running program in the dental industry, Environment provides an environmentally-friendly way for dental professionals to dispose of their old, broken, or re-tipped instruments, and earn free instruments.
    • No landfills, no refurbishing-instruments recycled through the Environment program are sent to metal scrap recyclers so they can find new life in other items such as bridges, car bumpers and street lights.
  • FACT: Many clinicians want lightweight resin handles that provide easy identification of instruments in the operatory.
  • CHALLENGE: Current lightweight resin handles offer color options but do not feature high quality working ends that stay sharper longer.
  • SOLUTION: Hu-Friedy's Resin 8 Colors feature lightweight color handles for easy identification combined with exclusive EverEdge® Technology for the quality and performance you know and trust from Hu-Friedy.
  • EverEdge Technology provides consistently sharp, long-lasting cutting edges for efficient scaling .
  • Easy Instrument Identification: Eight distinct colors allow clinicians to quickly and easily select instrument types that follow a color-coding system based on the specific area of the mouth where it is used.
  • Reduced Pinch Force: Hu-Friedy's largest diameter handle has the optimum weight for a more comfortable grip.


  • For scaling in deep, narrow pockets.
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